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    Post by AC1DL3MON on Wed May 03, 2017 11:18 am

    1. What is your in-game name? AC1DL3MON
    2. Which position do you want to apply for? Administrator
    3. Do you have discord? No
    4. Your age? 12
    5. Which country do you live in? England
    6. How many hours a day can you be online? 2hours
    7. Have you previously been staff on other servers? No
    8. Are you CURRENTLY staff on other servers? No
    9. What do you think of MineGov? Nice.
    10. Why do you want to be staff? Because I want to Have a good time Very Happy
    11. What can you offer to the server? Construction

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    Re: Application

    Post by HRMKingEsbjorn on Wed May 03, 2017 11:20 am

    Accepted. you might want to put a tad bit more effort into your next application though, assuming there is a "next application."

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