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    Apply for Staff (TEMPLATE)


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    Apply for Staff (TEMPLATE)

    Post by HRMKingEsbjorn on Sun Apr 30, 2017 8:11 pm

    As MineGov is a new server, we are in need of more staff members. 3 Isn't enough right now. Developers and Builders are welcome as well, although we already have a spawn.

    As a staff member, you MUST be in Survival mode. Only go into Creative if absolutely necessary. As such, you will be a regular player with a few added benefits and perks. This policy might change in the future, so be aware. You are also not allowed to raid anyone and must settle in Mocking unless you have received a waiver from the owner or co-owner. PvP is also not allowed, as we want our moderators and other staff members to be as friendly and trustworthy as possible.

    As of April 30th, 2017, you MUST have a Discord. If you do not have a discord, we will supply a link for you. Put effort into your application, we will not accept those that look like they haven't had any effort put into them at all. This is a necessity, it gives you a higher chance of being accepted. You have a higher overall chance of becoming part of our moderation team by helping others, regardless if in chat or not (must be on the server, however), and being active. You don't have to be on every day, but be on enough to be considered "Active." This is generally around 2-3 times a week.

    Do NOT edit your application if you want to add onto it or found an error after you post. Edit it, instead. This will help cut down on spam. If we find at least 2 applications submitted by the same person, they will be automatically disqualified and will not be allowed to re-apply for 1 week. Every time this happens, one week is added to the re-apply lock. There is an edit button at the bottom of your post.

    The title of your thread MUST be in this format, without quotation marks: "YOUR INGAME NAME: STAFF APPLICATION"

    Application template:

    1. What is your in-game name? (Do not leave anything out)
    2. Which position do you want to apply for? (Developer, builder, administrator, moderator, etc)
    3. Do you have discord? (Y/N)
    4. Your age?
    5. Which country do you live in? (Include time zone)
    6. How many hours a day can you be online?
    7. Have you previously been staff on other servers?
    8. Are you CURRENTLY staff on other servers?
    9. What do you think of MineGov? (Be honest)
    10. Why do you want to be staff? (Be honest)
    11. What can you offer to the server? (Be honest)

    "I, [username here], promise not to ban the owner, co-owner, and other staff members. If I do this, I will be banned through the console and have my admin permanently removed. I realize I am expected to help players, both in chat and on the forums, and I promise to be active. I accept my fate if I fall inactive."

    [username here]

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